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"Vuong Tron Spa was born in 2012 with the desire to bring balanced value to women in a modern rhythm of life..."

Vuong Tron Spa's treatments are used entirely from nature based on Vietnam's traditional health care know-how.

With friendly, professional staff and service from the heart. When you come to Vuong Tron Spa, you will be like entering your own home.

100% organic ingredients

12 years of operation

Serving more than 100,000 customers




"Because she was born for the second time, Tram wanted to be taken care of after giving birth more carefully, Tram went to try a spa in a few places, came to the place to hear advice, when visiting Square Round, it was 1 instant meal. It's really Square Round that doesn't disappoint Tram! On the last day of the 30-day VIP course, Tram had a feeling of regret when she lost her routine every morning and was taken care of by Ms. Truc for both her mother and Butter. In terms of materials and techniques, there is nothing to worry about. Thank you Vuong Tron Spa for helping me regain my toned figure, my facial skin has improved markedly, my belly is oh well, please use XS size. The important thing is that the spirit is comfortable every time I work after giving birth and Butter sleeps very well..."

Ms. Le Nguyen Ngoc Tram

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" Detox service at Square Round Spa helps me improve insomnia a lot. In addition, I also feel a reduction in hand tremors, rosy skin, and joint pain. I am very happy, thanks Vuong Tron Spa.

Ms. Bui Thi Sen - 65 years old

"Great massage, very good services from the staff, so comfortable that I slept like a baby! Price also very affordable! Highly recommended!”

Mrs. Michelle Liew - Massage

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